Murray's dad-Diesel


Omar (mentioned)




Murray does a good job babysitting Alondra.


Murray's dad: Murray, can I trust you to babysit Alondra?

Murray: Yes.

Murray's dad: Okay. Take care.

Murray: Alondra?

Alondra: What is it?

Murray: Weren't you the kid who got stripped down to your diaper by Omar at McDonald's?

Alondra: Yes, all because I got the last Oreo McFlurry. You're lucky my mom didn't sue him and his mother.

Murray: I hope your safe as long as this incident didn't end up on the news.

Alondra: I hope so. Can we watch Skyfall?

Murray: I'm sorry but that movie is rated R. 

Alondra: Is there any other movie we can see?

Murray: I know you like Barney so let's go there. Good thing our house has a security system.

(at the movies)

Murray: That movie is the best.

Gianna: I'm going to poop on the screen.

(She poops on the screen)

Gianna: Now to watch Skyfall.

Murray: What's wrong Alondra? Why are you crying?

Murray: Someone pooped on the movie screen.

Murray: That's it! I'm going to call the cops right now!

Cop: Who is this?

Murray: It's me, Murray Benjamin Robinson! I'm calling to say that someone just pooped on the movie screen and she's watching Skyfall!

Gianna: That was the best prank ever!

Cop: You are under arrest for pooping on the movie screen!

Gianna: I don't want to go to jail!

Cop:Tell it to the judge!

Murray: That was a close call. I'm calling my dad.

Murray's dad: What is it Murray?

Murray: Gianna pooped on the movie screen and I called the cops on her. Now she's in jail.

Murray's dad: Don't worry, I'm picking you up.

(in jail)

Gianna: This is great. I got arrested. Worst day ever.


In this video, Alondra was the victim in Omar Misbehaves at McDonald's.

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