Princess as Ericina and Kaitlyn

Salli as Taylor JC and Skyler Hawkins

Eric as LL95 and Eric JC

Kayla as Nicole

David as Brian (Nicole's boyfriend who is allowed to wipe his girlfriend's butt)

Kimberly as Blery Lambert and Rosalina

Susan as Mrs. Fisichella (Ricardo's mom)

Kendra Hamilton as herself and a teacher


  • Ericina gets a stomach cramp at school so she hurries to the bathroom during class. There she takes a massive poop and her boyfriend brings her her favorite toilet paper.
  • Taylor needs to go at the beach and she doesn't see a toilet so she does her business on the sand.
  • Nicole is having sex with Brian, the she needs to take a dump and Brian asks if he can join her. She knows her boyfriend loves it and says yes. So Nicole is taking a huge crap and in the end Brian wipes her butt. Brian: "You're so sweet even while taking a poo."
  • Caley, 15 years and Kaitlyn, 12 years, have to go at the playground so they just run to the bush, drop their panties and do it there
  • Blery Lambert, the female 34-year-old fire department chief, has to shit in the morning so goes to the bathroom and. does it there. But before she is finished the fire alarm starts. She pulls her pants back up. There was already a very big turd on her butt (the second one) she would have to drop but she couldn't push it out anymore. So she had to put it off with toilet paper. However, she was not even halfway finished (and not wiped either). So while the fire truck started she felt that there was still a lot that had to come out. When the fire truck stopped at the house of the Smith family, she felt she couldn't hold it any longer. So she ran out and pulled her pants down somewhere outside. She didn't care if everyone saw her. After everything was out, she had nothing to wipe. Luckily a 5-year-old boy which was walking home from kindergarten came around and offered her his handkerchief. And a 50-year-old woman with a St. Bernhard gave her a plastic bag in which she put the poop in. Just then her people came back and were like WTF. And then they called her the coolest boss ever.
  • Mrs. Fisichella decided to help her old neighbour in the garden. The house was built by his great-grandfather. It even still has an earth closet. While doing work, she has to take a shit. She runs to the toilet house and does her business on the earth toilet. Then she countinues work.
  • Rosalina goes to her Rainbow colored bathroom to show kids how to use the toilet. She even cleans the toilet afterwards.
  • Cathy uses the toilet at Ivy's house. After being done she has an idea for a new pop song because she wants be a singer one day...
  • 35-month-old Jackie gets potty trained. She has been making pee pee and poop inside the potty a few times - Macusoper's old potty (NOT: He didn't get totally potty trained until he was 6) but prefered wearing diapers. Now she went on the toilet for the first time and decides that would be right for her.
  • karlacakesss goes to the bathroom at Rainbow Dash's house. Her bestie Linus even made her toilet paper saying "Dana".
  • Alice in Wonderland grew big from what she ate from the white rabbit. A while later she had to use the restroom, but how if she was so big? Luckily Nakamario27 came around, used a magic spell and this spell made the toilet grow so she could use. After she was finished she turned small again... but too small. The size she had after she drank the magic drink. Luckily the caterpillar grew her back to NORMAL.
  • Camilla, Carley and Julie go use the bathroom at McDonald's.
  • 7-year old Bennett and his 14-year-old sister Emma go to the park and Emma plays with her little brother. Suddenly she starts complaining about a stomach ache. She really needs a bathroom now but can't find one. So she has no choice but to go to the bush.
  • A black girl named Cindy uses a port-a-potty because she has to go really bad while waiting for the bus. As a result, she misses her bus.
  • Princess Denise is constipated and has problems to poop. Her boyfriend Baxter gives her laxative.
  • 7-year-old Julie uses the school bathroom during lunch break.
  • Mrs. McCarthy, the mother of Dylan, decides to spend one day in the Texas desert, away from the family. She is now 39 and knows she needed it. Also she wants to impress her friends so she takes no electronic stuff with her. She just drives and old jeep. At afternoon she needs to take a big poop. She just poops inside the sand "because the animals do that too." However, Animals don't need toilet paper, but humans need and she forgot to bring some one with her. Usually woman think about everything, but there are expections too... And as her butt is extremely dirty she needs it. She doesn't use water because she is not sure if there is enough. Luckily she knows an alternative way: she wipes her butt on the frontwheel. Clever! Of course she was watched. By a male lion, a scorpion a hyena and a coyote. Luckily she didn't recognize them. They were like: "This is the first time of a human making his business here..." When she got back on the next day she said: "It was just boring."
  • Linus and Destiny are driving on the Highway with Linus' Audi A7. Suddenly Destiny announces she needs to go. Linus encourages his girlfriend by saying they are getting off the highway now and it's not long until home. When they arrive, Destiny gets on the toilet just in time. Linus is being in the bathroom with her while she's doing her business because she has no problem with him being around then. In the end he is even allowed to wipe her butt.
  • Adrianna and her family are on a trip, but suddenly she needs to go use the bathroom. Her dad says she should poop somewhere here in the woods. Adrianna does it and says crapping here is way funnier.
  • Kendra and her dad are playing a game of chess. Suddenly Kendra needs to take a shit. After she got back from the bathroom, she won the game.



Mrs. Christina: OK class. Time for maths. We will start with some algebra.

(Suddenly Ericina is not feeling good.)

Ericina: Mrs. Christina! Can I please go out for a bit? I'm feeling so sick!

Mrs. Christina: (worried) OK then.

(Ericina goes out and sees her irish boyfriend Eric Oates, also known as Louielouie95.)

Eric: Hey honey! What's the matter? Something wron`g?

Ericina: (sad) Well Eric, I am having huge stomach cramps. (starts crying in pain) O O O O O O O O! THEY HURT SO BAD! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Eric: Oh no. Maybe we should go to the school doctor.

(Eric takes Ericina to the school doctor.)

Eric: Doctor, is my girlfriend maybe pregnant?

Doctor: Definitely not. At least not yet. At the moment she just has some awful stomach cramps. She might have eaten something bad.

Ericina: I think I ate too much pancakes on the previous days... (still holding her belly) Ow... (cries again)

Eric: (sad) My poor girlfriend.

Doctor: It isn't that bad. She just has to go to the bathroom.

Ericina: Hope I'll get it all out because I now didn't go for two weeks. I'm just not sure if I can walk to the toilet...

Eric: Don't worry, I'll carry you.

(Eric carries Ericina to the girls' bathroom.)

(Ericina walks the last three metres to the toilet where she drops her knickers and pulls up her skirt. Then she lets out a loud fart and then she starts pushing.)

Ericina: (still looking sick) Ahh... Oh... Come on...

(She continues pushing and grunting, then she pees and then she lets a REALLY huge turd drop.)

Ericina: (surprised) What a relief! But I have some more to come out...

(While Ericina continues pooping, Eric listens through the door and is very pleased. Ericina pushes, farts and grunts a lot and she leaves several loud plops and splashes too. After about ten minutes she is done. Her boyfriend already has prepared some soft toilet paper for her because he knows how sensetive her butt is. However, he can't exit the bathroom. Then he sees Kendra Hamilton.)

Eric: Hey Kendra!

Kendra: What's it Eric?

Eric: Can you give my girlfriend the toilet paper roll?

Kendra: Sure!

(Kendra steps inside and hands Ericina the roll. Ericina wipes her butt, gets up, flushes down, washes her bands and leaves.)

Ericina: I feel so much better now!

Eric: I'm glad to hear that!

Ericina: Now let's get back to class!

Taylor JoliCouerEdit

Taylor: Eric, it's so nice with you!

Eric: It's nice with you too Taylor!

Taylor: Let's go swim!

(But as they get ready to jump in the water, Taylor realizes something...)

Taylor: (feels her butt and farts slightly) I think I feel some...

Eric: Poop coming?

Taylor: You guessed it. I wish I would have gone before we went to the beach.

Eric: Oops! What now? I can't see a toilet anywhere!

Taylor: Ouch. (knees down) It's coming out...

Eric: (quickly) I think the best solution would be just to poop on the sand.

Taylor: OK then! (pulls down her knickers and three seconds later a huge turd comes out.) Few, that was close.

Eric: Done or is there more?

Taylor: A bit. (continues pushing and the rest comes out. Then gets up again.) I just don't know how to wipe now.

Eric: Well, don't worry, I brought some soft baby wipes with us. (gives them to Taylor) Here.

Taylor: (uses one and throws it in the trash before pulling her knickers up again.) Now let's jump inside!

(Both get inside the water. At the end of the day they kiss.)


Caley & KatilynEdit

(Caley & Katilyn hang out at the playground.)

Caley: I am planning to go on a date with Tom tonight.

Katilyn: Cool. (suddenly hears a noise inside her stomach) Oh no! I need to make a poo.

Caley: Right now or do you make it until home?

Katilyn: I don't think I'll make it.


(Emma, 14 and Bennett, 7 arrive at the park) Bennett: Emma, thanks for taking my to the park! Hopefully I'll meet Tony!

Emma: Maybe. And don't worry, I didn't forget your soccerball. Here is it! (gives her 7-year-old brother the soccer ball)

Bennett: Thanks sis! (starts kicking it)

Emma: (catches the ball) Hope you don't mind.

Bennett: Of course not! (laughs)

(Both are having fun, until...)

Emma: OUCH! (holds her stomach)

Bennett: What's wrong?

Emma: I suddenly have a heavy pain in my stomach!

Bennett: Oh, that's not good. (gets worried)

Emma: I wonder what I ate.

Bennett: Do you have to go poo poo, Emma? So do I when I get a stomachache.

Emma: Yes! But where is a bathroom now?

Bennett: Don't know.

Emma: (in despair) On the other side of the park is one. But I'm afraid I won't make it. (farts) What now? (puts her right hand on her butt22)

Bennett: (feels bad for his 14-year-old sister) I think you should do it like the dogs.

Emmma: Like the dogs? You mean, just doing it on the ground? Good idea, but I then people might see me.

Bennett: But dogs can be seen too. They hide from nobody while going poo poo. Same with other animals.

Emma: Looks like we humans are very much different from the animals.

Bennett: Yes, we can talk, we can read, we can write, we need to wear clothes...

Emma: Well, whatever, I can't hold it for much longer. (her butt starts sinking to the ground) I'm afraid I'll have to do it like animals. I will do it behind there. (points on a bush)

(Emma goes behind the bush, lifts her skirt, pulls her knickers down and then she squats down. Bennett can't help looking - he knows she doesn't look behind the bush back. Emma starts pushing and a thick log comes out. After taking a big dump she feels better, pulls her knickers up again and gets up again.)

Emma: Done. And while being in the bushes, I saw Tony too. (points on a tree) Here he is.

Bennett: (runs to Tony)

Emma: Good nobody saw me. Still, next time I'll go to the bathroom at home before I go to the park.


Skyler Hawkins: Since it's lunchtime, I am going to use the bathroom because I need to take a dump.Ken Clark: Don't worry Skyler Hawkins. Are you okay>Skyler Hawkins: No! I am going to use the bathroom.Ken CLark: Okay! Make it quick.Skyler Hawkins: Okay(at lunch time, Skyler Hawkins grunts and poops on the toilet so bad, she keeps pushing and pooping on the toilet)Skyler Hawkins: Where is the toilet paper? Ken, please help me.Ken Clark: Here is it.Skyler Hawkins: Thanks! Now it's time to wipe my butt and flush.Kendra Hamilton: OUCH!!!Skyler Hawkins: Sorry Kendra.Kendra Hamilton: That's okay, you can do anything you like.Skyler Hawkins: Thank you.