This is a sequel to More girls use the toilet

Characters with voices Edit

Ivy- Sophia

Shy Girl- Rosie from Caillou

Princess- Zoey

Julie- Elizer

Kimberly- Brianna

Princess- Caley

Julie- Molly

Kimberly- Kimberly Dawson

Ivy- Inez Thomas

Julie- ILoveChloeGlamorousAndLukeV EDCP

Kate- Katy Perry

Millie- Wendy (Derek's sister from Burnout Team Club)

Actions Edit

14-year-old Sophia has a stomach cramp at school when she needs to take a dump on the toilet but somehow she saw blood on the toilet and she screamed like a baby

Due some complications at a construction work, the Balkin's toilet is broken, but Zoey has to poop badly! What is the family going to do now?

Elizer is constipated and can't even take a dump. Her boyfriend Trevor gives her papaya

Brianna is in a beach and she feels poop and there is no toilet. Instead, she does her business in the sand

Caley is having a stomach ache while waiting at the wedding in the Lights of Love garden, Instead, she pooped in the toilet

Molly has difficulty in bowel movements, Her boyfriend Eddie gives her pears

Kimberly Dawson has non stop bathroom trips, She goes to the hospital to figure it out

Inez Thomas has to go on a train ride with her boyfriend Zeke, Then, When Inez Thomas and Zeke are still home, Inez Thomas has to go pee on her pants

Riara Sands a.k.a ILoveChloeGlamorousAndLukeV EDCP is going to play the Scary Maze Game, When she gets jumpscared, She peed on her pants!

Katy Perry has to go to her concert, Before she goes, She pees blood

Wendy is on a trip with her little brother Derek and their parents but suddenly she needs to go. She takes a big crap behind a tree

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