Mike-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Maya's mom-Salli

Maya's dad-Brian

Male Japanese Paramedics-Brian

Female Japanese Paramedics-Salli

Male Japanese Police Officers-Brian

Female Japanese Police Officers-Salli


Mike gets in trouble for punching, aggravating assaulting and nearly killing Maya.


Mike: I told you not to touch it!

Maya: You built it all wrong! Did you read the instructions? It didn't fly for one second! It's not my fault if you made a plane that can't fly...

Mike: I told you NOT TO TOUCH IT!

(Mike punches Maya and begins violenty attacking and aggravatingly assaulting her and stabbing her with a knife, forming a dust cloud as we hear bone breaking sounds and blood splattering sounds as Mike broke Maya's left leg, causing the bone broke and stuck out her skin.)

Maya: Ouch!

Maya's mom: (off-screen) Mike Lambert! Get over here right now!

Mike: Uh-oh! Last name!

Male Japanese Paramedic: It's gonna be okay, Maya Lambert. Take some deep breaths and I'll hook you up to an oxygen mask. This may hurt but we need to lift you onto the stretcher. Okay, 1, 2, 3, lift!

Female Japanese Paramedic: I'm so sorry to say this, but we have to amputate your left leg because you are prone to infection. We have to do it as quickly as possible so there's no time any anesthesia. I'm so sorry, we also ask everyone but the doctors please go outside because this will be disgusting and hard to watch!

Maya's Mom: Wait, where's Mike?

Male Japanese Paramedic: The Japanese police were called to find and apprehend him! Please wait outside the house for them! We'll be done with her in no time.

[Cut to outside the Walters residence . The Japanese police are everywhere as the Japanese paramedics amputate Maya Lambert's left leg, causing her to scream in pain.]

Female Japanese Police Officer: Where is your son, Mike.

Maya's Dad: I think he locked himself in her bedroom.

Female Japanese Police Officer: Okay, thank you! We will get a hold of him no matter what it takes!

Male Japanese Police Officer: Open up, Mike Lambert! We know you're in there!

Mike: What the hell?! You can't get me with your life depending on it!

Female Japanese Police Officer: You wanna bet?!!

[The Japanese police broke down Mike's bedroom door and pinned him down to handcuff him]

Female Japanese Police Officer: Get on the ground now!!

[Cut to: Mike behind bars in prison with his family angry at him]

Maya's Mom: [in Veena voice 1300% louder] Words cannot even begin to describe how pissed off we are at you! We can't believe you confined your sister, Maya to a wheelchair because you are very selfish and cruel! When you punched your sister, Maya and violently attacked and assaulted her, she fell on her back so bad that the bones in her back broke and she broke her left leg so bad the bone broke and stuck out her skin! She's now confined to a wheelchair until she recovers from her injuries and Shimajirō Shimano and his friends use the Dragon Balls to wish her left leg back! I hope your time in Japanese prison will give you time to reflect on your stupid, pathetic, selfish, disgraceful and idiotic actions! After you serve your 2 month sentence, you'll be grounded until you pay off her medical and therapy bills! Go on your prison bed and sleep right now!