Shawn Bruner-Steven

Lily Bunny-Kimberly

Math Teacher-Kayla


Megan's mom-Salli

Megan's dad-Brian - Simon

News Anchor Rosie-Salli

AlejandroBaseball7-Young Guy/Charlie




Megan makes a fake lockdown and gets killed by Custard as a result.


Teacher: Today, we're going to watch Madeline and the Gypsies.

Megan: Excuse me, can I go to the bathroom?

Teacher: Yes.

(at Principal's office)

Principal: I need a break. I'm going to Dairy Queen.

Megan: Now that the coast is clear, it's time to change my voice.


Megan: (Veena's voice) Oh no. Pulling on my vocal cords hurt so here it goes. Attention students, this is not a drill. There is a person wearing a hockey mask and holding a butcher's knife. Please lock your doors and windows. Students, please hide under your desks for safety and be as quiet as a church mouse. Police will assist you later. (normal voice) Now to go back.

(in classroom)

Jock: Oh no. I'm scared!

Lily Bunny: (Jazzi crying sound effect)

Teacher: Shawn and Lily, be quiet as a church mouse like the principal says. 

Math Teacher: Megan, why are you in the hallways when there's a serial killer out there?

(in classroom)

Math Teacher: Sorry but all the desks are taken but the bookcase is available.

(15 minutes later)

Cop: This the police here to inform you that this lockdown was a false alarm! We will line up your students! Search every classroom to find the student who made this prank!

(in office)

Principal: I caught you! You snuck into my office and made your voice sound like mine to make the prank lockdown! This will get you suspended! I will call your mother to pick you up!

Callie, please pick up your daughter! Thank you!

Megan's mom: Come with me!

(in car)

Megan's mom: This is your own fault! You know this can get you arrested!

Megan: But Mom, it was supposed to be a harmless prank!

Megan's mom: Harmless!?!? No! When we do lockdowns we take them seriously!

Megan: That's it! I'm going to destroy this car because I hate being picked up by you!

(cuts outside of car)

Megan's mom: Megan, get off the wheel or you are so in big trouble, young lady)

(the car eventually exploded into pieces)

Megan's mom: (Scary Voice) That's it, you are getting nothing at all because of this fake lockdown, you are in so much trouble young lady!

(The car exploded, and Megan was forced to walk for the rest of her way home)

(at Megan's home, her dad is very disappointed in her for what she did at school)

Megan's dad: Megan, how dare you make a fake lockdown! You could have gotten killed by Custard for that! Seven things! First, you are grounded until the summer! Second, we will force you to eat fruits and vegetables! Third, we will take away all of your video games, your computer, your music, all of your DVD and Blu-Ray combo packs, your television, and all of your toys! Fourth, you will not go to anymore places world wide! Fifth, we will donate everything in your room to Sarah West and her family in Massachusetts, except your bed and blanket! Sixth, we will watch the news, and seventh, you will do nothing but stand in here!

Megan: But...

Megan's dad: (Wiseguy's voice) STAND!

(as the news begins with Rosie McDonnell Thompson at the afternoon news)

News Anchor Rosie: This is Rosie McDonnell Thompson with the news. In case you're wondering why I'm reporting the news, it's because I misbehaved at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. My uncle forced me to work as a news reporter as my punishment. Anyway, an incident happened at a local high school. Lots of students are scared, and nearly half the entire population of the school died from a heart attack. Some were taken to local hospitals. With me is AlejandroBaseball7. Can you hear me?

AlejandroBaseball7: Yes, Rosie. I can hear you. Lots of students were in a panic as some were taken to the local hospitals. With me, is the school principal, Mr. Montgomery. Tell me what happened.

Principal: Well, I was going to eat at Dairy Queen, however, when a student named Megan made a fake lockdown, which nearly terrorized the entire school! Megan, if you're watching this, I changed my mind about the suspension! Instead, you will be having a lunch detention with me for the remainder of the school year until the last day of school!

Lily Bunny: and she was the one who started this ruckus, i hope she would get a lunch detention for something like this.

AlejandroBaseball7: Thank you Mr. Montgomery. We have another victim who witnessed the incident, Callie. Tell me what happened.

Callie: Well, my son, Jock was in school, during music class, he was watching The Sound of Music with his music class, but Megan made a fake lockdown prank! Thanks to her, my son is now in his bedroom crying and sobbing like a cry-baby! and now, your family is going to sue us for not only $1000, now we have nothing left to believe in thanks to your stupid daughter, Megan, i hope she will get sent to Military School!

Megan's dad: (Wiseguy's voice) That's the price of our house! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Megan, you are in so much trouble!

AlejandroBaseball7: Aside from the fake lockdown prank, another incident occured. A car exploded down Ferguson Ave and Tatiana Court. No one was hurt, but the victim's mom has something to say about what happened at school. Callie, tell me what happened today.

Megan's mom: Well, I just picked up my daughter from school, all because she made a fake lockdown! She didn't want to get picked up by me, so she grabbed hold of the steering wheel! I tried to stop her, but it was too late! The car exploded and luckily, I wasn't seriously hurt! and Megan! if you are watching this? you are going to bed early right now without supper tonight!

News Anchor Rosie: we will be back with more news after a 4-minute commercial break.

(Custard appears)

Custard: Megan, you should be ashamed for making a fake lockdown. Now prepare for some bleeding!