Characters Edit

Matt Movovolski-Ivy


Waiter Lily-Julie

Plot Edit

In this story, Emily's little brother Matt and boyfriend Dylan go out to eat dinner.

Transcript Edit

Dylan: I'm bored. I wonder what my girlfriend Emily is up to.

(he meets Matt)

Dylan: You must be Matt Movovolski.

Matt: Yes, I am and I'm your girlfriend's little brother. Come with me.

Dylan: Where are we going?

Matt: We're going to a restaurant.

(at restaurant)

Dylan: Isn't that the place where my girlfriend/your sister misbehaved?

Matt: Afraid so, Dylan. This was the place. Last time she wanted to eat at a fast food place but couldn't at that time. She knocked down the table and my parents and I had to ground her. We had to sing Fruit Salad from the Wiggles to teach her a lesson.

Waiter Lily: Hello, I'm Lily. I will be your server for this dinner.

Dylan: I'll have pasta.

Matt: Same here.