Martin's dad-Steven

Martin's mom-Allison




Parker's dad-Joey

Parker's mom-Princess


Note that Martin's parents got new looks. Martin's mother does a good job in behaving at McDonald's.


Martin's dad: Hey, Salli?

Martin's mom: What is it Joey?

Martin's dad: We're going to McDonald's to celebrate your son's birthday.

Martin's mom: How old is he going to be?

Martin's dad: Martin, tell how old you are?

Martin: I'm 7.

Martin's dad: That reminds me Salli. Are you going to behave?

Martin's mom: What?

Martin's dad: Remember what happened the last time when we went there?

Martin's mom: I don't know.

(dream starts)

Martin's dad: Before we got our new looks you caused a scene at McDonald's all because they didn't have any more Oreo McFlurries and we almost got sued because of you for destroying McDonald's.

(dream ends)

Martin's mom: Joey and Martin, I promise I will behave.

Martin's dad: Okay but this time don't destroy McDonald's because we almost wound up on the news.

(at McDonald's)

Clerk: Welcome to McDonald's and I see your son is 7 years old.

Martin's dad: That's because it's his birthday.

Martin: I'll have a four piece chicken nuggets with fries and a Fluttershy toy.

Martin's dad: I'll have a Big Mac with fries.

Martin's mom: I'll have 20 chicken nuggets, with fries and an Oreo McFlurry.

Clerk: Sorry Salli but the Oreo McFlurries are sold out.

Martin's mom: Really, come on!

Clerk: Don't feel bad. The M&M McFlurries are still available.

Martin's mom: Okay, I want that one instead.

Martin's dad: Salli, that was a smart choice. We'll have it here.

Clerk: Here you go and happy birthday Martin.

Martin: Mom, you did very good on my birthday. I love you.

Martin's mom: But what about that other parent who we're seing right now? I'm sure she'll be in big trouble by her husband and son.

Parker's mom: Parker and Remy, I said I wanted 20 chicken nuggets, fries and an Oreo McFlurry right now!

Parker's dad: Mom, the clerk said that the Oreo McFlurries were sold out! You can either have an M&M McFlurry or nothing at all!

Parker's mom: Oh you want to engage me! Engage me! Engage me! Engage me! Engage me right here at McDonald's!

Parker's dad: Oh my God Desiree! You are a spoiled brat! We are going home and you will be grounded for one day!

Parker's mom: (Jazzi's sound effect) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!