Warren Cook-Shy Girl


Warren's dad-Alan

Malread's dad-Diesel

Malread's mom-Kate


Malread gets ungrounded for getting Warren Cook arrested.


Malread: I hate Warren Cook! He always makes fake VHS openings! I will get him arrested! First, I will litter a soda on the ground!

(she litters the soda)

Warren Cook: Hey! Who littered that?

Cop: You are under arrest for littering the soda!

Warren Cook: But Officer, I didn't do it!

Cop: Stop lying and get in the car!

(in jail)

Warren Cook: Thank God it's you! Are you here to bail me out?

Warren's dad: No! I am not here to bail you out! I can't believe you got arrested for littering a soda! That's it! You are grounded for 10 weeks! Good luck in jail!

(at Malread's house)

Malread's dad: Malread, why are you crying?

Malread: It's just tears of joy. I got Warren Cook arrested because he always makes fake VHS openings.

Malread's dad: Thank you for getting Warren Cook arrested. I see you got voice surgery.

Malread: I really hated the way I sounded before.

Malread's mom: What's wrong with Ivy? 

Malread: I really don't want to sound like a child. That's why I did that. I was going to use Salli as my voice but I'm afraid that I might sound more like Ivy.


This is the third ungrounded video in which the victim didn't like Ivy as her voice.

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