Jackie-Tween Girl

Warren Cook-Shy Girl


Because Warren Cook keeps on getting grounded, his voice is now Shy Girl. Anyway, Macusoper really wants McDonald's but his parents are eating out.


Macusoper: I'm not eating that! I want McDonald's!

Dad: We are not having McDonald's! We are having pasta so eat it!

Macusoper: I want McDonald's!

Mom: We are not having McDonald's!

Macusoper: I'm throwing everything away!

Dad (after Macusoper threw everything away): Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! How dare you knock the table down! You have punishments when we go home!

Jackie: Also, due to what you have done, You Made Kathy cry!

(at home)

Dad: First punishment, barfing!

(everyone barfs on Macusoper)

Warren Cook: Second punishment, put on your nappies!

Macusoper: You better not put a nappy on me.

(puts nappy on Macusoper)

Warren Cook: Now that your nappy is on, you will now go pee pees and poo poos in your nappy rather than use the toilet! Now to turn you into a baby!

(Warren turns Macusoper into a baby)

Macusoper (Shy Girl's voice): I'm sorry.

Dad: Now you will stay as a baby forever!


Warren Cook sounds just like Cathy McCarthy but the reason why his voice is Shy Girl is because he keeps on making fake VHS openings and videos out of good users.