Macusoper's dad-Diesel

Captcha Guard-Paul


Macusoper gets himself in a lot of trouble for killing the Google guard.


Macusoper: I'm going to search Minecraft. What the!?!?!

(computer displays captcha)

Macusoper: What the Hell? The computer had to interrupt me and ask me to sign a captcha! I don't care about the (bleep) traffic!

Macusoper's dad: Macusoper, why are you freaking out all because you need to write down the captcha? All you need to do is copy it down so you can keep using Google!

Macusoper: Now that my dad is gone, I will kill the man responsible for sending me requests and captchas!

(in Google office)

Captcha Guard: I'm sorry Macusoper but you cannot use Google unless you copy the captcha down.

Macusoper: Why?!?!

Captcha Guard: Because it proves you're not a robot.

Macusoper: No! I will not sign the (bleep) captcha! I want to use Google! I want to use Google! 

(holds up gun)

Captcha Guard: Then you can't use Google and why do you have a gun?

Macusoper: I'm going to kill you!

Captcha Guard: Put the gun down!

Macusoper: No! I will kill you!

(Macusoper kills guard)

Macusoper: There! Now the guard is dead! Now I can continue using Google!

(at home)

Macusoper's dad: Macusoper Busters, why did you kill the Google Search Captcha Guard?

Macusoper: He kept interrupting me in the middle of my search! That is why I had to kill him!

Macusoper's dad: How dare you kill the Google Search Captcha Guard? You know he's only trying to help you! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded for 100 weeks! Go to your room now!

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