Lucy's dad-Diesel


Doris Kayla


Lucy McCall gets 64 Zoo Lane without permission.


Lucy: Hey Dad?

Lucy's dad: What is it Lucy?

Lucy: Can I get 64 Zoo Lane?

Lucy's dad: No!

Lucy: Why?

Lucy's dad: Because you are still grounded! Besides, you're in that movie!

Lucy: How did you know I was the main character of 64 Zoo Lane?

Lucy's dad: Because I watched this movie when I was your age! You can't watch movies that feature you on them!

(at room)

Lucy: I will get 64 Zoo Lane no matter what!

(at place)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Lucy: I'll have 64 Zoo Lane.

Clerk: Here you go.

(at home)

Lucy: Now I have 64 Zoo Lane, I will watch this now!

Lucy's dad: Did you get 64 Zoo Lane while grounded?

Lucy: Yes I did.

Lucy's dad: Lucy, how dare you get 64 Zoo Lane while grounded! You know you're the star of this movie! That's it! You're grounded until your show is cancelled! Go to your room now!


In this grounded video, we learn that Lucy McCall is from 64 Zoo Lane.

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