Lucy (both good and evil)-Susan




Evil Lucy McCall gets 64 Zoo Lane without permission.


Evil Lucy: Hey Lucy?

Lucy: What is it Evil me?

Evil Lucy: Can I get 64 Zoo Lane?

Lucy: (Dr. Robotnik's voice) No!

Evil Lucy: Why not?

Lucy: Because you are still grounded for trying to kill my favorite shows! Besides, you're in that movie!

Evil Lucy: How did you know I was the main character of 64 Zoo Lane?

Lucy: Because I watched this movie when I was your age! You can't watch movies that feature you on them!

(at room)

Evil Lucy: I will get 64 Zoo Lane no matter what!

(at place)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Evil Lucy: I'll have 64 Zoo Lane.

Clerk: Here you go.

(at home)

Evil Lucy: Now I have 64 Zoo Lane, I will watch this now!

Lucy: Did you get 64 Zoo Lane while grounded?

Evil Lucy: Yes I did.

Lucy: Evil me, how dare you get 64 Zoo Lane while grounded?! You know you're the star of this movie! That's it! You're grounded until the 20th anniversary of The Lion King! Go to your room now!


  • In this grounded video, we learn that Lucy McCall is from 64 Zoo Lane.