Lindsay-Kimberly, Ivy

Owen's dad-Diesel

Owen's mom-Kimberly


Lindsay's dad-Diesel

Lindsay's mom-Kimberly



This is the sequel to the grounded video Lindsay breaks Owen's legs. Lindsay's voice is Kimberly because she's angry.


(dun dun dun sound effect plays)

Lindsay: Mom! Dad! How dare you ground me for breaking Owen's legs! You know I'm four years old! That's it! I'm going to ask Owen and his family to leave!

Owen: Lindsay, your father invited us here because you broke my legs!

Lindsay: It doesn't matter! My voice is Kimberly because I'm mad at you! Owen's dad, get out of here!

Owen's dad: You don't talk to guests like that!

Lindsay: Fine, I will force you, your wife and your son to get out!

Owen's dad: Fine! We will leave!

Lindsay's dad: Lindsay Robinson, how dare you ask our guests to leave! You know we invited them here!

Lindsay: It doesn't matter! Just to tell you the truth, it was Murray who broke Owen's legs! Ground him instead!

Murray: What? I didn't do it!

Lindsay's mom: Murray, how dare you break Owen's legs! That's it! You are grounded grounded grounded for 100 years! Go to your room now!

Murray (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Lindsay: And don't come back!

Lindsay's mom: Why do you sound like me?

Lindsay (voice changes back to Ivy): I use this voice as my normal speaking voice but when I'm angry, I change my voice to Kimberly.

Lindsay's dad: Thank you for blaming your older brother. You know he gets in trouble a lot. 

Lindsay's mom: You are now ungrounded.

Lindsay (Ivy's voice): Thank you Mom and Dad. You are the best ever.


This is the sequel to Lindsay breaks Owen's legs.

In this video, we learn that Murray gets grounded a lot.

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