Lily's dad-Diesel



Lily does a good job at Round Table Pizza.


Lily: Hey Dad.

Lily's dad: What is it Lily?

Lily: Can we go to Round Table Pizza?

Lily's dad: Yes, Lily.

(at Round Table Pizza)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Lily: I'll have 500 medium plain pizzas with 250 breadsticks and lemonade.

Lily's dad: I'm sorry Lily but I only have $150 on me. The food items you want are $200. I'm only $50 short.

Lily: But Dad, is there anything else I can have?

Lily's dad: But you can have 30 medium plain pizzas with 50 breadsticks and lemonade. That's only $134. I have enough money for that.

Lily: I want that one instead.

Clerk: Here is your daughter's orders.

Lily's dad: Thank you.

(at home)

Lily's dad: Lily, since you behaved at Round Table Pizza, you are now ungrounded forever. Enjoy your meal.

Lily: That meal is the best.

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