Lacy's mom-Kate

Lacy-Shy Girl, Kidaroo



Sarah West-Karen

Hop Koopa-Fiona (Scottish)



Slippy V-Professor






Mrs. Shaw-Kate

Mr. Dyke-Simon

Lacy's dad-Diesel


Lacy gets grounded for the first time because she misbehaved at Taco Bell.


Lacy: Hey, Mommy.

Lacy's mom: What is it, Lacy?

Lacy: Can we please go to Taco Bell?

Lacy's mom: No. We're having chicken noodle soup for dinner. 

Lacy: But Mom, I'm hungry. Let's go to Taco Bell!

Lacy's mom: Lacy, I said no. 

Lacy: I want Taco Bell! Now!

Lacy's mom: Lacy, for the last time, the answer is no. 

Lacy's dad: Kate, I don't have any more cans of chicken noodle soup!

Lacy's mom: Did you hear that, Lacy? Your father said that he doesn't have any cans of soup. That means we can go. 

Lacy: Yay!

(So, Lacy and her mom go to Taco Bell)

Clerk: Welcome to Taco Bell. What can I get you?

Lacy's mom: I'll have a chicken taco, a steak burrito and a Sierra Mist.

Lacy: I'll have seven soft tacos, a burrito, and cinnamon twists.

Clerk: I'm sorry to say this, but we're all out of cinnamon twists.

Lacy: What? Please tell me you're joking.

Clerk: Don't feel bad, little girl. How about a churro instead?

Lacy: Why?

Lacy's mom: Because, Lacy, there are no more cinnamon twists left. Why don't you have a churro instead?

Lacy (Kidaroo's voice): NO WAY! I SAID I WANT CINNAMON TWISTS!

(A few shocked and confused customers stare at Lacy and her mom)

Lacy's mom: Lacy, stop acting like a brat! You can either have a churro or nothing at all! Hey, where are you going?

Lacy: Hey, you! Give me that gun! 

(Lacy steals a gun from a customer)

Customer: Hey! That gun is mine! Give that back to me right now!

Hop: Why did she steal that guy's gun? 

Sarah: I don't know, but it doesn't look good. Let's get outta here before she starts shooting people. 

Hop: Yikes! I hate it when someone randomly starts shooting people. We'd better get outta here quickly! 

Lacy: That's it, you morons, you asked for it. 

(Lacy shoots some of the customers)

TheSuperBaxter: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

LouieLouie95: Ouch! My leg!

Slippy V: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

NathanDesignerBoy7: Owiieeeee! 

Adrianna: Help! I've been shot! 

Paul: I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! 

Susan: Why does this always happen to me? 

Andrew: Call a medic!

Mrs. Shaw: Help! I'm gonna die! 

Mr. Dyke: Call an ambulance! 

Lacy's mom: Lacy, I can't believe you shot at a few customers and the clerk! We shouldn't have bought you any Grand Theft Auto video games in the first place. That's it! We're going home, and you're not getting anything at all!


Lacy: Mommy, can we at least go back and get a churro?

Lacy's mom: Absolutely not! You are grounded.

(at home)

Lacy's dad: I'm back from work. Did Lacy behave?

Lacy's mom: No. You will not believe this. Lacy shot 10 people at Taco Bell all because I couldn't get her what she wanted, and now we're banned from going to Taco Bell until further notice. 

Lacy's dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Lacy, how dare you use a firearm to shoot 10 people at Taco Bell? You know doing stuff like that is likely to get you arrested! That's it! You are grounded for the rest of the summer!

Lacy: Oh no! This is the first time I've been grounded!

Lacy's dad: We shouldn't have bought you any violent video games. Go to your room now!

Lacy (running upstairs): Noooooooo! Why are Mommy and Daddy so mean to me? 

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