Characters Edit


Fluttergirl-Tween Girl

Kumi's dad-Young Guy

Kumi's mom-Ivy

Plot Edit

Kumi taunts at Fluttergirl and severely injures her mom.

Transcript Edit

Kumi: I'm going to taunt at Fluttergirl.

Fluttergirl: You taunted at me! Oh oh oh oh oh oh! I will call your parents!

Kumi: No no no no no no!

Kumi's dad: How dare you taunt at Fluttergirl! You are not allowed to do that!

Kumi's mom: Your father is right Kumi! Taunting at people is rude and the wrong choice!

Kumi: I am going to hurt you!

(Kumi beats up her mom)

Kumi's mom: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Kumi: Shut up crybaby! And besides my father is wrong all the time!

Kumi's dad: Kumi, how dare you hurt your mom! You know she is nice to you and always looks out for you! That's it! You are grounded for four weeks!

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