Kumi's dad-Young Guy/Charlie

Kumi's mom-Ivy


Kumi was with her old family. Anyways, Kumi goes to the beach while grounded.

Transcript Edit

Kumi: Hey mom!

Kumi's mom: What is it, Kumi?

Kumi: Can I go to the beach?

Kumi's mom: No, the reason is that you got expelled from school for cheating on a test!

Kumi: Screw you mom!

(in room)

Kumi: I hate it when my parents keep me from doing fun stuff! Wait I will go to the beach! I need to get changed into my swimsuit!

(Kumi gets changed into her bikini)

Kumi: Now I will go to the beach.

(at beach)

Kumi: That was the best ever. Oh no, it's my parents!

Kumi's dad: Kumi, how dare you go to the beach while grounded! That's it you are grounded for 12 days!

As for your punishment, you will remain in your bikini forever!

Kumi: I'm sorry! 

Kumi's dad: We do not care! 

(at home)

Kumi's dad: Go to your room now!

Kumi (running upstairs): Wa wa wa wa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


This was before Kumi moved in with Derek's family