Kumi's mom-Catherine


Darla (Finding Nemo)-Kayla

Darla's mom-Allison


Kumi gets the chocolate milkshake instead of the strawberry banana shake as Darla throws a tantrum in the background demanding she wants McDonald's.


Kumi: Hey mom.

Kumi's mom: What is it Kumi?

Kumi: Can I go to Sonic?

Kumi's mom: Yes you can but you have to go there alone. I will check on you a bit later.

(at Sonic)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Kumi: I'll have a bacon double with cheese, tater tots, large fries, a coke and a strawberry banana shake.

Clerk: Sorry Kumi but the strawberry banana shakes are sold out but you can still have a chocolate shake.

Kumi: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Clerk: Why are you counting to 10?

Kumi: It's my own strategy. Before I get what you reccommend me, look at what's happening to Darla and her mom.

Clerk: What do you mean?

(at Darla's table)

Darla: I want McDonald's!

Darla's mom: Darla, we are not having McDonald's! We are having Sonic so eat it!

Darla: No! I want McDonald's! 

Darla's mom: Stop giving me an attitude! Now Kumi is staring at us because of your attitude!

Darla: That's it! I'm throwing the food away!

(Darla throws food away)

Darla's mom: Darla! How dare you throw our dinner away! We are going home because you threw our dinner away!

(at Darla's house)

Darla's mom: You are grounded for life! That means no having fun with Nemo!

Darla: His name is Fishy!

Darla's mom: I don't care if you call him Fishy even though you did that in your feature movie! You are grounded for 12 weeks!

(back at Sonic)

Kumi: Mom, what are you doing here?

Kumi's mom: I just came to check on you. I heard that Darla hated Sonic so she demanded her mom she wanted McDonald's but that won't do. I'm sure she is grounded for 12 weeks. Anyway Kumi, what would you like?

Kumi: Like I said earlier but one of them is different. I'll have the chocolate shake instead. 

Kumi's mom: We'll have it to go. Thank you for behaving. You are ungrounded.

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