Kumi's dad-Alan

Kumi's mom-Catherine

Derek (mentioned)

Jaxen (mentioned)

Jade (mentioned)

Zara's dad-Diesel

Zara's mom-Kimberly


Kumi gets ungrounded for beating up Zara.


(at school and Kumi is in her bikini and DeLorean is in his swimsuit)

Kumi: It's time to go to swim class, right DeLorean?

DeLorean: Yeah Kumi. 

Kumi: I also remember yesterday when I stopped Zara from marrying you.

DeLorean: Yeah.

Zara (off-screen): Did I hear you were talking about me behind my back? Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!

DeLorean: Oh no! It's Zara! She heard us!

(Zara appears in her bikini)

Kumi: Hey! Weren't you the same kid who tried to marry my boyfriend?

Zara: I am and I want revenge!

Kumi: Why do you have the need to try to steal my boyfriend again?

Zara: I really wanted to marry him! Thanks to you, you called my parents and now I got grounded! Now I will teach you a lesson!

Kumi: Tough! Your boyfriend is my brother, Derek!

Zara: Wait? How is this possible?

Kumi: I used to live with Jaxen and Jade but they kicked me out! Now I am living with Derek's family from now on!

Zara: You are even worse than him!

Kumi: That's it! I will beat you up!


Zara: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Kumi: That's what you get for getting revenge and trying to steal my boyfriend again!

(at home)

Kumi's dad: Kumi, thank you for beating up Zara who was trying to marry your boyfriend again. You are ungrounded forever.

Kumi's mom: You can do whatever you want.

(at Zara's house)

Zara's dad: Zara, how dare you get revenge on DeLorean and try to marry him again? 

Zara's mom: You are grounded for 10 days! Go to your room now!


This is the sequel to Zara gets grounded for trying to marry DeLorean.

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