Velma's dad-Steven

Kumi's dad-Alan

Kumi's mom-Catherine


Kumi and I both grounded Velma.


Kumi: Velma, how dare you meet me and get me grounded! You are not supposed to do that!

Mickeymcguinness7: Kumi's right Velma! Meeting other people that look like you is not the right choice!

Kumi: You are grounded grounded grounded for 100 years!

Mickeymcguinness7: Kumi's right Velma! You are grounded and that's final! Go to your room now!

(Pelza runs into the house)

Kumi: Yeah! We grounded Velma!

Velma: There they are! Kumi and the creator just grounded me! The creator said that meeting Kumi wasn't the right choice but I was only trying to ask her if we can go to the movies!

Velma's dad: And you deserve it! 

Velma: You can't do this to me! I'm a nice girl!

Velma's dad: I don't care if you're a nice girl! You got Kumi in trouble for taking her to the movies! You are grounded for 100 years! Go to your room now!

Velma (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Velma: Kumi and Mickey, thank you for grounding Pelza. You two can go home now and Mickey, you're having a sleepover with Kumi tonight.

(at Kumi's house)

Kumi's dad: Kumi and Mickey, thank you for grounding Velma. You know this is what she gets for getting you grounded, Kumi.

Kumi's mom: You are both ungrounded. You can do whatever you want.


This is the sequel to Kumi meets Velma and they both get grounded.

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