Krista gets the strawberry milkshake instead of the lemonade as Caillou complains that he wants Chuck E. Cheese.


Krista: Hey mom.

Mom: Yes Krista?

Krista: Can I go to Burger King?

Mom: Yes but you have to go yourself.

(at Burger King)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Krista: I'll have 20 chicken nuggets, large fries and lemonade.

Clerk: I'm sorry to say this but the lemonade was limited edition only.

Krista: I don't mean to argue but what do you mean by limited edition only?

Clerk: Limited edition means we only serve something during a certain season. Today is March 4, 2015 and the current season is Spring. We only serve lemonade during the Summer. Would you care to have a strawberry milkshake instead?

Krista: I would but before, look at what's happening.

(at Caillou's table)

Caillou: I want Chuck E. Cheese!

Boris: We are not having Chuck E. Cheese! We are having Burger King so eat it!

Caillou: No I want Chuck E. Cheese!

Doris: You heard what your father said! We are not having Chuck E. Cheese!

Caillou: I'm throwing the food in the garbage!

(Caillou throws food in the garbage)

Boris: Caillou, how dare you throw our food in the garbage!

Caillou: Shut up, nitpicker! It's your own fault! I wish you were dead from a Venus flytrap!

Boris: Caillou, how dare you tell me to shut up, call me a nitpicker and tell me to die from a Venus flytrap! We are going home now!

(at Caillou's house as Pomp and Circumstance plays)

Caillou: I'm sorry I didn't mean to act up at Burger King. All I wanted was Chuck E. Cheese.

Doris: Your apologies won't work at a time like that and yes, you did mean to act up at Burger King!

(back at Burger King)

Krista: Mom, what are you doing here?

Mom: I heard that Caillou doesn't like Burger King so he demanded his parents that he wanted Chuck E. Cheese but his parents wouldn't let him go. Then, he caused a scene and threw the food in the garbage. I'm sure he will be grounded for life. According to the clerk, I also heard that lemonade is only served during the Summer. What would you like?

Krista: Like I said before but one of them is different. I'll have a strawberry milkshake instead.

Clerk: Here you go. If you come back here during the months of June, July or August, we have lemonade in stock only during these three months. 

Mom: Thank you for behaving. You are now ungrounded.

Trivia Edit

This is similar to the YouTube video Krista Misbehaves at Burger King only a better choice version.

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