Lily Bunny-Shy Girl

Teacher 2-Kendra

Kent's mom-Kimberly

Kent's dad-Diesel


Kent gets expelled for making a fake lockdown drill.


Teacher: It's time to take out your essays.

Kent: Can I go to the bathroom?

Teacher: Yes.

(at office)

Kent: Now to change my voice to Alan.

(pulls vocal cords)

Kent (Alan's voice): Pulling and tugging my vocal cords hurt so much. Now to make the announcement.

Attention everybody, there's a burglar in the school. Please hide under your desks for safety.

(normal voice) Now to go back.

Lily Bunny: Waaaaaaaaaaaa!

Teacher 2: Kent, why are you in the hallways when there is a burglar?

Sorry but the desks are full.

Principal: Attention students, it was reported that there is no burglar in the school. Please troublemaker, go to the office.

(in office)

Principal: I caught you! You made your voice sound like mine and made a prank drill! That act can suspend you!

(in car)

Kent's mom: Stop crying Kent! It's your own fault!

Kent: I want to make a joke!

Kent's mom: That was not a joke!

(at home)

Kent's mom: Well you're definitely standing!

Kent: But...

Kent's mom: STAND!

Kent: I will not stand! 

(Kent throws his mom on the ground)

Kent's mom: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wa wa wa wa wa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Kent: That's what you get for commanding me to stand!

Kent's dad: Kimberly, why are you crying?

Kent's mom: Diesel, my son threw me on the ground and he just escaped with my car. Before any troublemaker like Kent has to watch the news, I command him or her to stand but he refused to stand and that's why he threw me on the ground. Also, he took a one way trip to New York and how are we going to get him back?

Kent's dad: I'm sure he will be grounded.

Teacher: Diesel and Kimberly Fisher, why isn't your son here?

Kent's mom: Well, you must be Kent's teacher.

Teacher: I am and I hereby charge a $749 fine due to the lockdown prank your son created!

Kent's mom: A $749 fine? That's more than the price of the house! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! He is so grounded for life!

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