• Kaylee- Princess
  • Dad- Eric
  • Mom- Julie
  • 12th Grade Teacher- Zack
  • 11th Grade Teacher- Steven
  • 10th Grade Teacher- Kimberly
  • 9th Grade Teacher- Kendra
  • 8th Grade Teacher- Kate
  • 7th Grade Teacher- Young Guy
  • 6th Grade Teacher- Julie
  • 5th Grade Teacher- Joey
  • 4th Grade Teacher- Ivy
  • 3rd Grade Teacher- Kidaroo
  • 2nd Grade Teacher- Simon
  • 1st Grade Teacher- Shy Girl
  • Kindergarten Teacher- Millie
  • Preschool Teacher- Grace
  • Kaylee's sister- Julie
  • Kaylee's brother- Zack
  • Principal- Susan
  • Erika and Annabelle- Julie


  • 12th Grade Teacher: Okay class, Let's do our art called Origami
  • Kaylee: Origami is stupid
  • 12th Grade Teacher: Kaylee, how dare you say that, That's it, go to the principal's office now
  • Pricipal: Kaylee, Why are you here this time?
  • Kaylee: I said Origami is stupid
  • Principal: You made me so mad. That's it, Go to eleventh grade now
  • 11th Grade Teacher: Okay class, It 's time for dance class
  • 11th Grade Teacher: Kaylee, Please put on the song Domino by Jessie J
  • (The song Domino is not playing, Pump It Up is playing in 800 percent)
  • 11th Grade Teacher: You know Pump It Up is inappropriate! That's it, go to 10th grade!
  • 10th Grade Teacher: Okay class, It's time for Math
  • 10th Grade Teacher: What is 3 X 3?
  • Kaylee: The answer is 123456780
  • 10th Grade Teacher: The correct answer is 9, Go to 9th Grade right now!
  • 9th Grade Teacher: Does anybody know what is the meaning of dinosaur?
  • (Kaylee sleeps in the classroom)
  • 9th Grade Teacher: Wake up, Kaylee
  • 9th Grade Teacher: You know this is not your bedroom, THat's it, go to 8th Grade
  • 8th Grade Teacher: Okay class, We will watch-
  • 8th Grade Teacher: Stop using your phone and put it away now
  • 8th Grade Teacher: Anyways, We will watch Jurassic Park and after the movie I will come back and I will ask you about it
  • (The teacher leaves)
  • Kaylee: Now iot's our chance to use my phone before she comes back
  • (The teacher comes back and Kaylee was still using her phone)
  • 8th Grade Teacher: You know this is not a place for electronics.
  • Kaylee: I'm usine the phone because i'm talking to my cousins.
  • 8th Grade Teacher: I don't care about your cousins! go to 7th Grade now!
  • 7th Grade Teacher: Now get your storybooks and I will read it one by one
  • Kaylee: Now i will read a story about ghosts
  • Erika: Too scary!
  • Annabelle: I agree!
  • 7th Grade Teacher: You know the story is too scary, that's it, go to 6th Grade
  • 6th Grade Teacher, Okay class, it's time for our dance practice
  • 6th Grade Teacher: Kaylee, Why are you not dancing? That's it, skip 5th Grade and go to Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten Teacher: Okay class, It's time to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, And Kaylee, Can you please change the channel to Disney Junior
  • Kaylee (happily enjoying the show The Simpsons)
  • Kindergarten Teacher: You know t[[Media:Media:Example.oggBold text]]hat show is too inappropriate and violent, That's it, Skip preschool and go home
  • Kaylee's dad: Kaylee, We can not believe you got held back, That's it
  • Kaylee's sister: You are grounded for infinity years
  • Kaylee's brother: Now we will candle-spank you
  • Kaylee's mom: Let's candle-spank Kaylee
  • Kaylee: Ouch, that burns
  • Kaylee's dad: We don't give a crap, Now I am calling few visistors over to teach you a lesson
  • Skyler Hawkins: Hi, I'm Skyler, and you will not have GoAnimate, Why? Beacause in preschool there is homework for you
  • Jake: No Youtube, No GoAnimate, No Facebook, No Bistrips, No Skype, No Google, No Summer, No Winter, No Fall, And No Spring OH! But there is also homework, baby shows, gross food, and nappies for you
  • Kaylee's mom: Now we will beat you up

Warning screen pops up says: Censored!!!, You don't want to see this!

Zara and Erika does the Charlie Charlie Challenge and gets grounded

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