Kathy Busters' old voice-Shy Girl

Shawn Brunner, Kathy Busters' new voice-Steven

Police Officer-Dallas

Lily Bunny-Kimberly

Kathy's dad-Diesel

Kathy's mom-Kimberly


Likeplaneboy's dad-Diesel



Kathy Busters' punishment for getting Shawn Brunner arrested is she gets her voice changed.


Kathy Busters: I'm bored. I got it. I will take Shawn Brunner to the zoo.

(at Shawn Brunner's house)

Shawn Brunner: Who is this?

Kathy Busters: I'm Kathy Busters.

Shawn Brunner: Hi, Kathy. I'm Shawn Brunner. What do you want?

Kathy Busters: Let's go to the zoo.

(at the lion cage)

Shawn Brunner: Now to use the bathroom.

Kathy Busters: Now that Shawn Brunner is gone, I will kill a lion.

(She kills a lion)

Kathy Busters: Now to get out of here.

Shawn Brunner: Hey! Who killed the lion!

Police Officer: You are under arrest for killing the lion!

Shawn Brunner: Officer, I didn't do it!

Police Officer: Stop lying! You know killing any animal is against the law! Get in the car!

(in jail)

Shawn Brunner: I can't believe I got arrested for nothing. Hold on! It was Kathy Busters who killed the lion and she got me arrested! I shouldn't have gone to the zoo! I will get Lily Bunny!

Lily Bunny: What is it Shawn Brunner?

Shawn Brunner: Kathy Busters killed a lion and got me arrested! 

Lily Bunny: I will call her parents. (on phone) Diesel and Kimberly Busters, you will not believe what your daughter just did. She got my friend arrested by killing the lion. Ground her.

(at home)

Kathy's dad: Kathy, how dare you get Shawn Brunner arrested! That's it!

Kathy's mom: You are grounded for 12 weeks and as for your punishment, we will give you voice surgery!

Kathy Busters: No no no no no no! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(at hospital)

Likeplaneboy: Please Dad! I don't want voice surgery! All I want to do is use the computer!

Likeplaneboy's dad: Too bad, Likeplaneboy! This is what you get for making grounded videos out of Princess and Angrywalkthroughs! When we go home, you are so grounded!

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Kathy's dad: Change my daughter's voice because she got Shawn Brunner arrested!

Doctor: Okay.


Kathy Busters (speaking in Steven's voice): Oh no! Why is my voice Steven? Change it back to Shy Girl!

Kathy's dad: No! Your voice will stay as Steven forever! Let's go home now!

Kathy Busters: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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