Characters Edit

Karen - Lawrence

Karen's Dad - Diesel

Doctor - Professor

Susie Carmichael - Julie

Lucy Carmichael - Kate

Custard - Jennifer

Plot Edit

Karen gets turned into a boy and her voice is still Lawrence

Transcript Edit

Karen's Dad: Karen! How dare you get expelled from school for making fun of other students? That's it! We are going to the hospital to get your gender swapped

Karen: No no no no no! Not my gender swapped!

Karen's Dad: Get in the car

(at the hospital)

Susie Carmichael: Please Mom, I don't want my gender swapped! Please let me hang out with my friends!

Lucy Carmichael: Too bad, Susie! This is what you get for allowing Chuckie to let go of the balloon with Angelica's Cynthia doll! When we get home, you are so grounded for life and killed by Custard! This means you will not hang out with Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil or Kimi!

Doctor: The doctor is here

Karen's Dad: Can you swap Karen's gender? Because she got expelled for making fun of other students

Doctor: Okay


Karen (turned into a boy): Uh oh! Even when I get turned into a boy, My voice is still Lawrence

Karen's Dad: Good! That's because she made fun of other students, When we get home, You are grounded forever

Doctor: Wait! Custard is going to kill Karen!

Custard: DIE! *explodes*