Kaillou-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Daniel Osborne-Dave

Principal Lucy-Susan

Alan Cook-himself

Catherine Cook-herself





Kaillou blames Daniel Osborne in school. and Daniel Osborne got suspended from school and killed by Custard!


Teacher: Today it's time to watch Madeline and the Gypsies.

(Kaillou throws a basketball at the teacher)

Teacher: Kaillou, did you throw a basketball at me?

Kaillou: I didn't do it. It was Daniel Osborne.

Daniel Osborne: What?

Teacher: Daniel Osborne, how dare you throw a basketball at me! That's it! Go to the principal's office right now!

(when Daniel Osborne got sent to the Principal's office)

Daniel Osborne: Who are you?

Principal Lucy: I'm Mrs. McCall. I just got fired from Gloria's school so that is why I'm the school principal for this school. Anyway, why are you here?

Daniel Osborne: Kaillou threw a basketball at the teacher, and Kaillou blamed it on me.

Principal Lucy: Daniel Osborne, You don't throw basketballs at teachers, that's it, you are suspended for the next 3 weeks! Go home right now! and i'm also going to call your parents!

(later on at Daniel Osborne's house, Alan and Catherine are disappointed in Daniel Osborne for getting suspended from school)

Alan Cook: Daniel Osborne, how dare you get blamed by Kaillou in class! That's it! You are grounded until you are going back to school in September 2017!

Catherine Cook: Let's go to your room, and we will donate everything in your room to LouieLouie95, Caroline0204, The Smith Family, The Dawson Family, The Cuchiella Family, and The West Family, except your bed and blanket!

(at room and six boxes are there ready to be donated to LouieLouie95, Caroline0204, the Smith Family, the Dawson Family, The Cuchiella Family, The McCarthy Family, and The West Family except the bed and blanket)

Alan Cook: Did you think this was playtime?

Catherine Cook: No! So let's put everything except your bed and blanket in these boxes right now, and they will be donated to LouieLouie95, Caroline0204, and the following families!

(Alan and Catherine Cook put everything but the bed and blanket in the boxes)

Alan Cook: and now you will have no TV, no Video Games, no Computer, no Radio, no Junk Food, no Restaurants, no Toys, no Theme Parks, no Concerts, no Sporting events, no anything made by your favorite companies, & further more!

Catherine Cook: so, Custard will kill you with a purple chainsaw! Custard, kill Dan!

(Custard appears)

Custard: This is what you will get for throwing a basketball at your teacher. Now I'm going to smash your skull! Prepare to die!

(at Kaillou's house)

Boris: Thank you for blaming Daniel Osborne. We hated him.

Doris: You are ungrounded for life. You can do whatever you want.

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