Show and Tell Teacher-Dallas

Siela's mom-Kendra

Siela (mentioned)

Opal's mom-Kate

Opal (mentioned)

Julie's mom-Susan


Julie's dad-Brian



During Show and Tell, Julie's mom shows the teacher a horrifying thing and gets fired.


Show and Tell Teacher: Today, is Show and Tell. Today, you all have to show me something special. First, may I have Kendra show me something.

Siela's mom: This is an iPhone. Siela had this when she was 15. It means so much to her.

Show and Tell Teacher: Thank you Kendra. Now Kate it's your turn.

Opal's mom: This is my daughter Opal's teddy bear. It means so much to her. She had it when she was little.

Show and Tell Teacher: Thank you Opal. Now Susan it's your turn.

Julie's mom: This is a present. It meant so much to my daughter Julie.

Show and Tell Teacher: Good job Susan but can I open it?

Julie's mom: Okay.

(Teacher opens present)

Voice: WEEGEE!

Show and Tell Teacher: Susan Fischiella, how dare you trick me in opening a horrifying box! That's it! Report to your boss right now!

(in office)

Boss: So Susan, why are you here?

Julie's mom: I presented a scary box during Show and Tell.

Boss: Susan, how dare you present something scary during Show and Tell! That's it! You're fired for 4 days! Go home now!

Julie's dad: Susan, how dare you show something scary during Show and Tell and get fired for 4 days! That's it! You are grounded triple your fired time, which is 12 days!

Julie: Go to your room now!

Julie's mom (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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