Jock's mom-Callie/Kimberly/Kidaroo




Bus Driver-Steven/Wiseguy

Jock's dad-Eric/Scary Voice


Jock's mom freaks out over not getting a chocolate glazed donut.


Jock: Hey Mom?

Jock's mom: What is it Jock?

Jock: Can we go to Dunkin Donuts?

Jock's mom: Sure.

(at Dunkin Donuts)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Jock: I'll have a strawberry donut.

Jock's mom: And I'll have one chocolate glazed donut.

Clerk: Sorry but we ran out of chocolate glazed donuts.

Jock's mom: What?!?!? Don't tell me you ran out of chocolate glazed donuts!

Clerk: Don't feel bad. How about a regular glazed donut instead.


Jock: Mom, stop being a spoiled brat! You can either have a regular glazed donut or you can have nothing! Mom, where are you going?

(a gun she stole from a customer)

Customer: Hey you! That gun is mine so give it back to me right now!

Jock's mom (Kidaroo's voice): I WILL KILL YOU!

Clerk: Please don't!

(Censored among gunshots)

Jock's mom (Kidaroo's voice): THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR RUINING MY DAY!

Jock (Simon's voice): Come with me!

(in manager's office)

Manager: So, what brings you and your mom here?

Jock (Simon's voice): My mother shot and killed the clerk.

Manager: Let's see what happened.


Manager (Diesel's voice): Oh my god! Callie, how dare you kill the clerk! You know it's against the law and I could have come in and called the police! That's it! You are banned from this place for one month! Go home now!

(outside Dunkin Donuts)

Jock (Simon's voice): Get on the bus right now!

(on bus)

Jock's mom: Jock, can we go back?

Jock (Simon's voice): No we cannot! You have killed the clerk, which was against the rules! Then, the manager came out and now we can't come back here for one month!

Jock's mom: Can we at least go back to Dunkin Donuts and get the regular glazed donut?

Jock (Simon's voice): Absolutely not! We have been banned by the manager from coming to Dunkin Donuts for one month!

Bus Driver: Is there a problem with your mother? I hear her crying. I bet she didn't cause trouble.

Jock (Simon's voice): Well, you will be extremely mad when I say this! My mom killed the clerk and now we're banned from coming to Dunkin Donuts for one month!

Bus Driver: (Wiseguy's Voice) Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Callie, how dare you use a firearm to shoot at the clerk at Dunkin Donuts! You know doing stuff like this can get you arrested! You don't kill anyone all because they ran out of something you like! That's it! You're kicked off the bus! Get off now or else I will call the cops!

(at home)

Jock's dad: (Scary Voice) Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Callie, how dare you steal someone's firearm and kill the clerk with it! You know doing stuff like that can get you arrested! You are not allowed to kill someone all because they don't have what you like! That was even worse than the way you acted at Wendy's! That's it! You are grounded for one month and we will change your voice to Kimberly as your punishment!

Jock's mom (Kimberly's voice): No no no no no no no no no no no no! Please, change it back!

Jock's dad: Absolutely not! You are keeping Kimberly's voice until you die! Go to your room now!

Jock's mom (running upstairs): Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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