Jock's mom-Callie



Jock's dad-Diesel/Eric



Jock's mom gets fired from her job.


Jock's mom: I hate my son Jock! Last week, he broke our new microwave, which cost us 50 grams! I got it! I will search for a cheaper microwave online!

Boss: Callie, you have some paperwork to do! Get it done or you're fired!

Jock's mom: Screw the paperwork!

(she throws it away)

Jock's mom: Now that the paperwork is thrown away, I will get a new microwave online because our son broke our new one thanks to him!

(6 hours later)

Manager: Dallas!

Boss: What is it?

Manager: We just received a $400 bill!

Boss: What!?!?! Who did it?!?!?

(Dramatic sound effect plays)

Boss: I knew it! It was Callie! She used our money to buy a new microwave!

Jock's mom: Uh-oh! It's my boss!

Boss: Callie, I heard that you used our money to buy your family a new microwave! Is this true?

Jock's mom: Yes it is!

Boss: Callie, you're fired! Go home right now!

(at home)

Jock's dad: Callie, I got a call from your boss and manager that you used their money to buy a new microwave and then got fired!

Jock: Yes. And is this true?

Jock's mom: Yes, it is! Besides, Jock broke our new microwave last week!

Jock's dad: Oh my god! Callie, how dare you use your work's money to buy a new microwave online! You're lucky your company didn't sue us! You're grounded until we return the microwave and your boss rehires you! 

Jock: I agree with your husband! Go to your room now!

Jock's mom: (running upstairs, Ka-Chung sound effect) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!