Jay's dad-Diesel

Jay's mom-Kimberly

Server Jackie-Susan

Susie Carmichael-Julie

Susie's mom-Susan


Jay gets Rigatoni Bolognese instead of the giant hamburger and the 9000 donuts as Susie Carmichael throws a temper tantrum in the background.


Jay: Hey dad.

Jay's dad: What is it Jay?

Jay: Can I go to the restaurant?

Jay's dad: No.

Jay: Why?

Jay's dad: The last time we went, you threw a meltdown that they didn't have any hamburgers or donuts.

Jay: I will be nicer this time.

Jay's mom: Fine, you can go by yourself. Give us a call later.

(at the restaurant)

Server Jackie: I'm Jackie Busters. I will be your server for the meal.

Jay: You must be Macusoper's sister. 

Server Jackie: I know. When I was little, my voice was Julie but now my voice is Susan since I'm a grownup. My parents had me work for this restaurant. What can I get you?

Jay: I want Rigatoni bolognese.

Server Jackie: That is better. You know that we don't serve hamburgers at restaurants like these. Also, 9000 donuts will make you fat as well. 

Jay: You're right. If I had eaten 9000 donuts, I would have gotten fat and my parents would have grounded me for that. In the meantime, look at what's happening at the nearby table.

Server Jackie: What?

(at Susie Carmichael's table)

Susie Carmichael: I want McDonald's!

Susie's mom: We are not having McDonald's! We are having what ever is on the table so eat!

Susie Carmichael: No! I want McDonald's!

Susie's mom: I told you we are not having McDonald's!

Susie Carmichael: That's it! I'm throwing this dinner in the trash!

(Throws dinner away)

Susie's mom: Susie Carmichael, how dare you throw our dinner in the trash! We are going home since you threw our dinner away!

Susie Carmichael: Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa!

(back at Jay's table)

Jay: That was a close call. I will call my parents. (on phone) Hey dad.

Jay's dad: What is it?

Jay: I got something else instead of what I tried to order before. Also, Susie Carmichael had an argument with her mom that she wanted McDonald's. Then, she got mad and threw the dinner in the garbage. I'm sure Susie will get grounded for life. 

Jay's dad: Susie threw the dinner away. She is so grounded for life. 

(at home)

Jay's dad: Thank you for ordering something else at the restaurant. You are not grounded.

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