James Connolly is a song to mourn the death of James Connolly. This was heard in Doris (Caillou's Mom) Misbehaves at James Connolly's Funeral. This song has six stanzas.

A large crowd had gathered outside of KilmainhamEdit

The song opens up with a crowd gathering outside the Kilmainham jail. They were sad because inside the jail was a soldier who was about to be excecuted.

He went to his death like a true son of IrelandEdit

Connolly's life was over because of what he had done. They sent him over to the Kilmainham jail and he was ready to be executed. Connolly then died due to a fatal shot to his heart.

The black flag was hoistedEdit

In the third stanza, the execution was completed. The soldiers hoisted the black flag and began the funeral. A lot of people were sad "when they murdered James Connolly, the Irish Rebel."

God's curse on you EnglandEdit

The fourth stanza, some people thought it was England who planned the execution in the first place. They threatened their deeds in life. It is revealed that "there were no flowers blooming but the shamrock is growing" on James Connolly's grave.

Many years have gone by since the Irish RebellionEdit

Since the Irish Rebellion, the fifth stanza tells how life has been going on "when the guns of Britannia so loudly did speak." The bold I.R.A could not continue without James Connolly so they stood shoulder to shoulder. It is revealed they committed suicide "as the blood from their bodies flowed down Sackville Street."

The four courts of DublinEdit

The sixth and final stanza refers to the Four Courts of Dublin. Since the English couldn't continue without James Connolly, they decided to create another battle by destroying the Four Courts of Dublin. Lots of fights continued and during this fight, they heard, "No surrender." The voice saying, "No Surrender" was the voice of James Connolly telling the English not to give up. 

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