Jackie Busters-Julie, Steven

Jackie's dad-Diesel


Jackie gets her voice changed for breaking the microwave.


Jackie Busters: I'm going to blow up the microwave.

(microwave blows up)

Jackie Busters: Yeah! The microwave is blown up!

Jackie's dad: Jackie, how dare you blow up our new microwave! That cost us $500 and we have to buy a new one thanks to you! You are grounded for 12 days!

Jackie Busters: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That's more than the price of the house! You can't buy a new microwave!

Jackie's dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Jackie, how dare you make fun of the price of of our new microwave and the price of our house! We paid good money for that microwave! That's it! You have gone too far! You are getting a voice surgery!


Jackie Busters (speaking in Steven's voice): No no no no no no no no! My voice is Steven! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Change it back to Julie!

Jackie's dad: Too bad Jackie! This is what you get for making fun of our expanses! Go to your room now and your voice will stay as Steven until your dying day!

(in Jackie's room)

Jackie: Why did I get Steven's voice?


Jackie's voice will stay as Steven in the Macusoper gets grounded series.

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