Ivy's dad-Diesel

Ivy's mom-Kate



Since Eric and David killed Barney, Ivy had to revive him.


Ivy: I hate my brothers Eric and David! They killed Barney and it was one of my favorite TV shows! I got it! I will revive Barney so I can continue watching Barney shows! First, I have to go to the graveyard.

(at graveyard)

Ivy: I will revive Barney with the level up mushroom.

Barney (after being revived): Thank you for reviving me! You are the best ever!

(dramatic sound effect plays)

Ivy: It's my brothers!

Eric: Ivy, we thought Barney was dead.

David: Yes we thought he was dead.

Ivy: Actually, I revived him because you two killed him in the first place and you two are forced to watch reruns of Barney! If you are wondering my voice was Ivy, it's because I got voice surgery for cheating off a test in school! I will call your parents about this! (on phone) Dad and mom! It's me, Ivy Smith! 

Ivy's mom (on phone): What's wrong this time Ivy?

Ivy: I revived Barney but my brothers wanted revenge! Ground them for me please!

(at home)

Ivy's dad (to Eric and David): Eric and David, your little sister revived Barney all because it was her favorite TV show! Now you will be forced to watch Barney forever!

Ivy's mom (to Eric and David): I usually tell you both to go to your rooms but instead, watch Barney forever as I unground your sister!

(at Ivy's room)

Ivy: I wonder if Barney is on TV.

Announcer: I have good news that Barney was revived so Barney is going to be on TV.

Ivy: Now to watch Barney.


This is the sequel to Eric and David kill Barney.

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