Ivy-herself, Kidaroo

Ivy's mom-Kate


Kooky Von Koopa-Emma

Bigmouth Koopa-Kendra

Cheatsy Koopa-Kimberly


Bus Driver-Lawrence, Wiseguy

Ivy's dad-Diesel


Ivy loses her temper at Dairy Queen because she didn't get what she wanted.


Ivy: Hey, Mommy.

Ivy's mom: What is it, Ivy?

Ivy: Can we go to Dairy Queen?

Ivy's mom: No! We're having pizza rolls for lunch. 

Ivy: But Mommy, I'm hungry, so let's go to Dairy Queen!

Ivy's mom: Ivy, I said no. 

Ivy: I want Dairy Queen! Now!

Ivy's mom: Ivy, for the last time, the answer is no. 

Ivy's dad: Hey, Kate, I don't have any frozen pizza rolls!

Ivy's mom: Did you hear that Ivy? Your dad said that he doesn't have any pizza rolls. That means we can go.

Ivy: Yay! 

(Ivy and Kate get in the car and arrive at Dairy Queen)

Clerk: Welcome to Dairy Queen. What can I get you?

Ivy's mom: I would like a chicken tender meal with Texas toast, french fries, a Diet Pepsi, and an Oreo Blizzard.

Ivy: I'll have a double cheeseburger, french fries, a Pepsi, and a Butterfinger Blizzard.

Clerk: I'm sorry to say this, but we're all out of Butterfinger Blizzards.

Ivy: What? Please tell me you're joking!

Clerk: Don't feel bad, kid. How about a cotton candy Blizzard instead?

Ivy: Why?

Ivy's mom: Because, Ivy, there are no more Butterfinger Blizzards. Why don't you get a cotton candy Blizzard instead?


Ivy's mom: Ivy, stop being a brat! You can either have a cotton candy Blizzard, or you can have nothing at all and we'll go straight home.

Ivy (Kidaroo's voice): That's it! I'll destroy this stupid place!

(Ivy attacks the clerk and destroys the restaurant)

Ivy's mom: Oh my God! Ivy, how dare you cause a rampage at Dairy Queen?! You know that the manager wouldn't like that at all! That's it! We're going home and you're not getting anything at all.

(Back in the car)

Ivy: Mom, I'm sorry for causing a ruckus at Dairy Queen. 

Ivy's mom: Sorry won't cut it, Ivy. We're going going straight home because you damaged most of the restaurant's properties. 

Ivy: Can we at least go back and get a cotton candy Blizzard?

Ivy's mom: Absolutely not! We have been banned from going to Dairy Queen until further notice. 

(at home) 

Ivy's dad: Kate, what happened?

Ivy's mom: You won't believe it. Ivy wanted a Butterfinger Blizzard, but the clerk said that they were all out of Butterfinger Blizzards, so he offered her a cotton candy Blizzard instead. But Ivy refused to accept his offer and caused a huge rampage at the restaurant. The manager got so angry, that he banned us from going to Dairy Queen until further notice. 

Ivy's dad: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Ivy, how dare you cause a huge rampage at a local Dairy Queen? You know stuff like that could get you arrested! That's it! You are grounded for the rest of the summer! Go to your room right now! 

Ivy (running upstairs): Nooooo! Why does this always happen to me?

(Meanwhile at the hospital)

Kooky: Ooh, being crushed by a large table really hurts!

Bigmouth: I feel you, Kooky. 

Cheatsy: Guys, I'm so sorry about that incident at Dairy Queen. You guys must be seriously hurt. 

Bigmouth: No, Cheatsy. It wasn't your fault. We should've went there earlier before that little pink-haired brat caused a horrible rumpus at the place. 

Kooky: I know, right? I bet her parents punished her and sent her to her room for her actions. But we're pretty upset that we got injured during the kerfluffle. It was so horrible, right, Bigmouth?

Bigmouth: Yeah, we barely escaped with our lives. That little girl is mad strong. I've never seen anyone damage tables and chairs at a restaurant like that before. 

Cheatsy: Neither have I. Man, I sure wish Ivy didn't have such a horrible temper. 

Bigmouth: Yeah, don't we all? 

Kooky: You know, I kind of get bored when I'm in the hospital, recovering from a serious injury. What should we do, Cheatsy? 

Cheatsy: Well, this room has a TV. Wanna watch some shows or movies or something? 

Bigmouth: Oh, yeah! I bet this TV has some great shows and movies. 

Kooky: I think so, too. Hey, Cheatsy, can you get some books for us to read and some toys to keep us company?

Cheatsy: Sure! Have fun channel surfing!

(Cheatsy gives Bigmouth the remote, and the two bed-ridden Koopalings turn on the TV and look for some channels they like)

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