Kid 1-Shy Girl

Kid 2-Tween Girl

Kid 3-Emma

Ivy's dad-Diesel

Ivy's mom-Kate

Ivy's sad voice-Salli

Eric (mentioned)

David (mentioned)



Ivy does a good deed killing Barney. Later, she feels guilty that she killed her favorite TV show character so her parents offer her a Barney doll. However, it's getting past Ivy's bedtime so her parents give her a bath and then she felt better.


Ivy: I wonder what's on TV.

Announcer: And now back to Barney and Friends.

Ivy: No! My brothers Eric and David hate Barney! I will kill him!

Barney: Hello, what's your name?

Ivy: Ivy Tatiana Smith.

Barney: Do you want to play with me?

Ivy: No! I will kill you!


Ivy: Now Barney is dead!

Kid 1: She killed Barney! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Kid 2: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Kid 3: Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa!

Announcer: We interrupt this program that Barney has been killed so Barney is not coming up. Let's skip to The Save-Ums.

(at home and Ivy is crying)

Ivy's dad: Ivy, thank you for killing Barney. Your brothers hated that show but what's wrong? Why are you crying?

Ivy (Salli's voice): I killed Barney and it's my favorite show and when I'm sad, I change my voice to Salli.

Ivy's mom: Don't cry, Ivy. Even though your brothers hated that show, I got you something that will remember him.

(Ivy's mom gives Ivy a Barney doll)

Ivy (Salli's voice): Thank you for giving me a Barney Doll. Every time I think of Barney, I will always play with him from now on.

Ivy's dad: You're welcome but it might be time for your bath. Are you a Chibi Peepz character?

Ivy (Salli's voice): No Dad. I'm my regular comedy central character. Maybe taking a bath will help me calm down.

Ivy's dad: I know Ivy. All you can think of is when you killed Barney.

(cuts to Ivy in her bikini in the bath tub)

Ivy's dad: Just wash Ivy and later on you can start singing some Barney songs.

Ivy (normal voice): I know that. Just to be clear, I only use Salli when I'm sad but now I'm not anymore. This reminds me.

I love you. You love me.

We're a happy family.

With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.

Won't you say you love me too?


This is similar to Stephanie Kills Barney and gets ungrounded.

Ivy uses Salli's voice when she feels sad.

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