Ivy-herself, Tween Girl, Kimberly



Ivy's dad-Diesel

Ivy's mom-Kate


Ivy gets in so much trouble for getting her brother arrested.


Ivy: I feel bad for myself. It has been 12 days since I got grounded for becoming a fan of Sesame Street but now I have my old voice back. (speaking in Tween Girl's voice) But what if they don't revive Sesame Street?

Ivy's dad: Ivy, are you sick?

Ivy (Tween Girl's voice): I feel bad because my brother killed Sesame Street and when I'm sad, my voice was Tween Girl. 

Ivy's dad: Just checking on you.

Ivy (normal voice): I could get him arrested. That's it! I'm going to get him arrested because he killed Sesame Street! Time to go outside!


Ivy: Now to litter an apple!

(she throws apple)

Eric: Hey! Who littered that?

Cop: You are under arrest for littering the apple!

Eric: I didn't do it!

Cop: I don't care! Get in the car!

(in jail)

Eric: I can't believe I got arrested for something I didn't do! Wait a minute, it was Ivy who littered the apple and got me arrested! That's it! I'm busting out of here!

(at home)

Ivy's dad: Eric, did they let you out of jail?

Eric: Yes and Ivy got me arrested!

Ivy's dad: Ivy, get downstairs now!

Ivy: Uh oh.

Ivy's dad: Ivy Smith, how dare you get your brother arrested! 

Ivy: But Dad, he killed Sesame Street and it was my favorite show.

Ivy's mom: It doesn't matter! You are grounded for another 12 days and I will change your voice!

Ivy (speaking in Kimberly's voice): Oh no, my voice was Kimberly!

Ivy's dad: You will keep Kimberly as your voice!


Ivy's voice will stay as Kimberly in the Eric Gets Grounded series.

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