Ivy's dad-Diesel


Ivy goes with the flow when she can't get her own voice.


Ivy: I'm going to get my voice changed.

(at Doctor's office)

Doctor: What voice do you want?

Ivy: I want Ivy.

Doctor: I will do my best.


Doctor: How's that?

Ivy (speaking in Salli's voice): That's close to my normal voice but lower pitched.

(at home)

Ivy's dad: What's wrong Ivy, are you sick?

Ivy (Salli's voice): It's okay, Dad. I just got voice surgery so this voice is Salli. I really wanted my voice to by Ivy.

Ivy's dad: You are not grounded but we will find a way to sort this out.

Ivy: I really like Salli as my voice.


Ivy's voice is now Salli.

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