Erika's dad-Diesel

Erika's mom-Kimberly




This is an ungrounded video out of myself. Anyways, I beat up Zara who is trying to give Warren-Style punishments to Erika.


Me: I wonder what's on Youtube.

(Dramatic sound effect plays)

Zara (from computer): Erika, you are grounded grounded grounded! For this, I will call some people!

Me: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Zara, why are you giving Erika Warren-Style punishments! It's not your job to do that!


Zara: Erika you have some visitors!

Me: It is I, Mickey McGuinness not to give you Warren-Style punishments! 

Zara: Hey! Hold on a minute, why are you interrupting our meeting?

Me: It's not your job to discipline Erika like that! Only her parents! I will beat you up to see how you like it!

(fight is censored)

Me: Take this! Take that! 

Zara: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Me: Stop crying like a baby! This is what you get for giving Warren-Style punishments to Erika!

Erika: Thank you Mickey for saving me.

Me: Don't mention it.

Erika's dad: Zara, how dare you try to give Warren-Style punishments to Erika?

Zara: Hold on! She went to the movies when I told her not to.

Erika's dad: That's enough Zara Riley Dawson! Also, giving Warren-Style punishments is my job, not yours!

Erika's mom: Go to your room now!

Erika's dad: Thank you for saving Erika from getting Warren-Style punishments.

(at home)

Kumi: Thank you for beating up Zara who was trying to give Warren-Style punishments to Erika.

Lily: You are now ungrounded forever.

Me: You are welcome Kumi and Lily.

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