Randy's dad-Dave




TheJoJuan4444-Young Guy/Charlie


This is the sequel to Randy Misbehaves on the Way to Dylan The Movie.


(scary sound effect plays)

Me: Mr. Ruiz, how dare you ground Randy? You know I like him!

Dylan: The reason why he grounded Randy was because he made us late for Dylan the Movie!

Emily: I agree with my boyfriend!

Me: I doesn't matter! Unground Randy and tell Dylan and Emily to go home!

Randy's dad: I can't! Someone invited them here!

Me: If you can't, then I'll do it myself! Go home!

(Dylan and Emily go home)

Me: Now Mr. Ruiz did you invite Dylan and Emily here? Tell me the truth.

Randy's dad: No I didn't.

Me: Did Randy invite Dylan?

Randy: No I didn't do it!

Me: Then we have no other choice! Salli did it! Salli, get downstairs right now!

Salli: What is it?

Me: How dare you invite Dylan and his girlfriend Emily here just to get Randy grounded?  Do you have an explanation for this?

Salli: No.

Me: Then I'm going to beat you up!

(fight is censored)

Salli: Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Me: That's what you get for inviting Dylan and his girlfriend! No more stuff like that! Never!

Salli: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Randy's dad: How could you do such a thing like that to Salli all because she invited Dylan and his girlfriend? She is six years old.

Me: It doesn't matter. (to Randy) And Randy, since you're ungrounded, I'm inviting someone over to your house to give you $1000. 

Randy: Is it TheJoJuan4444?

Me: Yes it is.

TheJoJuan4444: Randy Ruiz, because you got ungrounded? You win the grand prize.


This is an alternate sequel to Randy misbehaves on the way to Dylan the Movie.

This is before Doris from Caillou got executed.

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