Characters Edit

Mickey Mcguniess - Steven

Evil Pingu - Alan

Evil Pingu as Dora the Explorer - Kayla

Plot Edit

Mickey Mcguniess gives Evil Pingu 3 punishments

Transcript Edit

Mickey Mcguniess: Evil Pingu! How dare you make videos out of amok runners? That's it! Today is punishment day! First punishment: Farting on you

[farting noises on Evil Pingu]

Evil Pingu: Gross

Mickey Mcguniess: Second punishment: Loud music

[Loud music playing on the background]

Mickey Mcguniess: Last punishment: Turning you into Dora the Explorer

[Evil Pingu is now dressed up like Dora the Explorer]

Mickey Mcguniess: Now go to your room

Evil Pingu as Dora the Explorer: WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

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