See transcript below to find out why my voice is different. Anyway, Stephanie Gavin feels bad that Lucy McCall died due to getting executed and I make her feel better.


Mickeymcguinness7: Stephanie, is that you?

Stephanie: Yes, that's me. I feel sad.

Mickeymcguinness7: What for?

Mickeymcguinness7: Lucy McCall, a friend of mine, passed away due to her getting executed.

(Eric and Erika walk in)

Eric: Rosie, what are you doing here?

Mickeymcguinness7: I'm not Rosie McDonnell Thompson even though I sound like her.

Erika: Then why is your voice Salli?

Mickeymcguinness7: Eric, your voice is Diesel whenever you get angry and Erika yours is Kate when you get angry as well. I feel bad for Stephanie and my voice is Salli whenever I'm sad or depressed.

Eric: Sorry we interrupted. We should go so we can let Mickeymcguinness7 and Stephanie talk about this in private.

(Eric and Erika leave)

Mickeymcguinness7: Stephanie, I know you miss your beloved Lucy but sometimes, you have to let it go just like how I have to let it go.

Stephanie: What do you mean?

Mickeymcguinness7: Even though Lucy doesn't deserve to get executed, we all know she's in a better place Stephanie.

Stephanie: Where is she?

Mickeymcguinness7: She went to heaven. If you think about the fun times you had with her, you can always remember her from now on. 

Stephanie: Thank you. You made me feel better. 


Even though my normal voice is Paul, my voice is Salli whenever I feel sad.

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