Me-Real life voice

Dylan-Tween Girl, Eric

Cathy-Ivy, Eric


This picks up where Dylan gets his voice changed. I change it back and then change Cathy's voice back.


Jake: Hey Dylan why are you crying?

Dylan: My sister changed my voice to Tween Girl. Can you change it back?

Jake: Okay. 

(I change Dylan's voice)

Dylan (speaking in Eric's voice): Thanks. Now I sound like Eric. Jake: Now, let's give your sister a voice change.

Cathy: Oh my God! My brother`s just got his voice back.

Jake: I just changed it back all because you changed his voice to Tween Girl! Now I will change your voice to Ericl!

Cathy: (speaking in Eric's voice): Oh no! My voice is Eric!

Dylan: That's what you get for changing my voice to Tween Girl!


This is the sequel to Dylan gets his voice changed