Erika's dad-Diesel


I beat up Zara for grounding Erika.


Zara: Erika, you are grounded for 6 days for talking smack to a girl!

Me: Zara, what do you think you're doing?

Zara: How dare you talk smack to me?

Erika: Are you going to beat me up?

Me: No! I'm going to beat up your sister and break her nose!

(fight is censored)

Me: Take that! And that!

Zara: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(Zara is on the ground crying)

Me: This is what you get for grounding Erika!

(I do a roundhouse kick to Zara)

Me: This is how we roll!

Erika's dad: I'm back from work. Zara, how's Erika doing?

(Scary sound plays)

Erika's dad: Stop beating up Zara!

Me: It's for her own good! I hate her! 

(I choke Zara)

Zara: (choking sounds)

Erika's dad: What have you done to Zara?

Me: I beat her up and then choked her.

Erika's dad: Why did you do that to Zara?

Me: Because she keeps on grounding Erika.

I'll find another sister better than Zara!

Zara: (speech bubble says, "You made me cry even more! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)


This video shows how much I hate Zara Dawson.

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