ILoveChloeGlamorousAndLukeV is a user that joined on YouTube and GoAnimate. She has her own fan made Thomas character called Riara The Tank Engine

She joined on the 22nd of September 2015. On YouTube, she has 231 subscribers and 44,685 views

Likes; Thomas And Friends, Cars, Madagascar, GoAnimate, Plotagon, GoAnimate Wikia, Chloe Glamorous, Luke V, Holly Shiftwell, Finn McNissile, Flynn Everdeen, HoverAnimation, etc

Dislikes: Sam Pruett, Baby shows, Dinosaur Train, Poppy Cat, DInosaur Train, Alvin Hung, Caillou, Dora, Dora and Friends, Porn, Devious Diesel, Diesel 10, Thomas villains, etc

Personality: Sweet girl

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