Warren Cook-Brian, Shy Girl

Warren's dad-Alan

Paulina's mom-Kendra




This is the reason why Warren Cook is voiced by Shy Girl.


Warren's dad: Warren, how dare you make the opening to Chicken Run Disney 1988 Real Not Fake! You know that movie is not made by Disney! That's it! You are grounded and you will get your voice changed!

Warren: No! I'm sorry!

Warren's dad: Get in the car!

(at hospital)

Paulina: Please mom, I don't want my voice changed! All I wanted to stay home!

Paulina's mom: Too bad young lady! If you hadn't thrown our dinner away at Sonic, we wouldn't have been here!  

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Warren's dad: Change my son's voice because he made a fake VHS opening!

Doctor: Okay.

Warren Cook (now speaking in Shy Girl's voice): Oh no! My voice is Shy Girl!

Doctor: How is this?

Warren's dad: That's good! Let's go home!


Warren's voice will stay as Shy Girl in his grounded series.

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