Rosie-Kayla, Salli

Zach Mitchell-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Gray Mitchell-Ivy



This is how Rosie is voiced by Salli.


Eric: Rosie, how dare you cheat on my girlfriend Erika's test in school! That's it! You are grounded for all time! As for your punishment, I will give you a voice surgery!

Rosie: Please! No!

Eric: Too bad! Get in the car!

(at Hospital)

Zach Mitchell: Please Gray, I don't want my voice changed. I'm sorry about what happened in Jurassic World. I won't do it again and I was only trying to be a nice brother.

Gray Mitchell: Too bad Zach! This is what you get for driving the Gyrosphere into the restricted area of Jurassic World and we nearly got killed by an Indominus Rex! When we go home, you are so grounded! By the way, you weren't trying to be a nice brother!

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Eric: Change Rosie's voice because she cheated off my girlfriend Erika's test in school!

Doctor: Okay.

(voice gets changed)

Rosie (now speaking in Salli's voice): Oh no. My voice is Salli.

Doctor: How's that?

Eric: It's good!

Rosie: Why did we go to the hospital to get my voice changed?

Eric: Because you cheated off my girlfriend Erika's test! Let's go home now!

Rosie: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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