Lucy-Julie, Susan

Lucy's dad-Diesel

Elite Troupea-David/Evil Genius/Zack

Elite Troupea's dad-Diesel



This is the reason why Lucy is voiced by Susan.


Lucy's dad: Lucy, how dare you put your teacher in her swimsuit, try to marry Leon and watch a flagged video in school! That's it! You are grounded for 12 weeks and as for your punishment we're getting your voice changed.

Lucy: No no no no no no! I'm sorry!

Lucy's dad: Get in the car!

(at the hospital)

Elite Troupea: No dad! I don't want my voice changed! Please let me stay at Joke's End and ressurect my friends!

Elite Troupea's dad: Too bad Elite Troupea! This is what you get for helping other enemies and ressurecting other enemies during your battle with Mario and Luigi making them mad! When we go back to Joke's End, you are grounded for 17 weeks! 

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Lucy's dad: Can you change Lucy's voice because she put her teacher in her swimsuit, tried to marry Leon and watched a flagged video in school?

Doctor: Okay.


Lucy (speaking in Susan's voice): Oh no! My voice is Susan! Now I sound like Shade the Echidna!

Doctor: How is it?

Lucy's dad: That voice is the best! Let's go home now!


Lucy's voice will stay as Susan in The Save-Ums get ungrounded series.