Karen's dad-Diesel

Karen-Salli, Lawrence

Bowser Jr-Young Guy/Charlie


Mario (mentioned)

Peach (mentioned)



This is how Karen is voiced by Lawrence.


Karen's dad: Karen, how dare you go to school in your swimsuit! That's it! You are grounded for 12 days and as for your punishment, we're going to the hospital to give you a voice surgery!

Karen: No no no no no no! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(at hospital)

Bowser Jr: Please Dad, I don't want my voice changed! Please let me stay in Delfino Plaza so Peach and I can be together again!

Bowser: Too bad Jr! This is what you get for pretending to be Mario just to win the heart of Peach! When we go back to Delfino Plaza, you are so grounded forever!

Doctor: The doctor is here.

Karen's dad: Change my daughter's voice because she went to school in her swimsuit!

Doctor: Okay.

Karen (now speaking in Lawrence's voice): Oh no. My voice is Lawrence.

Doctor: How does this suit her?

Karen's dad: That's the best! Let's go home now!

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