Phil DeVille-Diesel





This is why Cathy McCarthy got a haircut.


Dad: Cathy McCarthy, how dare you put a diaper on your brother Dylan, tried to marry the teacher and skipped school to go out with Peter! That's it, you are grounded for 12 days! As for your punishment, we're giving you a haircut!

Cathy: No please, I'm sorry!

(at Great Clips)

Hedley: Please Phil, we don't want to get our haircuts.

Smedley: I agree. Please let us stay at home and cause some mischief. We promise we'll be good cousins.

Phil DeVille: Too bad, Hedley and Smedley! This is what you get for taking part of the Buckingham Palace cake and leaving my twin sister holding the bag! Then, you threw mud and dirt everywhere after Lil was ungrounded and messed up your nice clothes! When we go home, you are so grounded! You are the worst cousins of mine! In the meantime, my voice is Diesel because I'm mad at both of you!

Hairdresserr: Hairdresser is here.

Dad: Give Cathy a haircut because she put a diaper on her brother Dylan, tried to marry the teacher and skipped school to go out with her boyfriend Peter!

Doctor: Okay.

Cathy: Oh no! I got a haircut!

Hairdresser: How is this?

Dad: It's good! Let's go home now!

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