Boris- David

Rosie- Julie

Dora- Kayla



Caillou- Ivy, David

Graduation Teacher: Eric

Doctor: French- fry


  • Teacher: Okay class, It's time for graduation
  • Dora: School is over!
  • Teacher: Only Caillou is allowed to graduate, Stay here.
  • Graduation Teacher: Caillou is the only one to graduate! I will call your parents
  • Graduation Teacher: Hello, Caillou's mom and dad, your son is the only one to graduate, Can you throw his suspension slips in the fire pit, Please, goodbye
  • Caillou's Dad: Caillou. we can not believe you the only one to graduate, that's it, i will take you to the doctor to get your voice changed to Ivy
  • Boris: Can you change Caillou's voice to Ivy
  • Doctor: Sure
  • Doctor: Let's test your new voice
  • Caillou: Hi, I'm Ivy again
  • Doctor: See you next time
  • (At dora's house)
  • Veena: Dora, we can't believe you did not graduate
  • Miguel: That's it, you are grounded forever, And i will change your voice to brian
  • Dora: no no no no no no

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