Hitler-French Fry





For killing Lucy, Hitler has to attend her funeral, which he dislikes.


Hitler: I'm bored.

(Mom and Dad cry)

Hitler: Why are you crying?

Mom: You killed your sister Lucy yesterday so we're going to her funeral!

Hitler: I'm not going!

Dad: Go or you're grounded!

(at funeral)

Mom: Lucy was a good daughter of ours. We used to change her diapers and give her a bath. Now Hitler, it's your turn to share your thoughts about her.

Hitler: Lucy was the worst sister of mine! I hated her! She even gets me in trouble even though I never mean to beat her up! I don't miss her not even a bit! I have no sympathy or sorrow for her at all!

Dad: Hitler, how dare you talk that way about Lucy! That was the worst thing I heard in my life! Let's go home now!

(at home)

Mom: You're lucky we won't misbehave at your funeral when you die but in the meantime, that was even worse than the one you said at your aunt's funeral! You are grounded for for the rest of your life! Which will only be 2 more seconds! Now Custard is going to kill you! Custard, kill Hitler right now!

Custard: On it!

(Custard shoots Hiter, but the action is censored)

Custard: Yes! Hitler is finally dead!

The End!